Project Description

Parkour DXB is the emergence of a 20 year journey full of stories, obstacles, dreams, passion, achievements and amazing people.

The discipline of parkour has always been, since day one, a quest for identity. Parkour DXB is the result of a way of thinking and living. Hungry to grow, learn and thrive we see potential to improve ourselves through overcoming obstacles one after the other.

We believe in a practice at the service of your well-being and promoting a better life. We are not here to jump, we are here to live and hopefully a happy and meaningful life. Moving with purpose.

Our logo is the symbol of movement, complementarity, and the connection between the Earth and the Air. It’s about moving, body and mind developments and personal growth.

We aim to make the original spirit of Parkour available to whoever wants to move, think and live differently. We encourage movement as a mean to grow and evolve.